Built to Last

Who we are

We're a small team of industrial, furniture and interior designers who were tired of seeing crappy products devoid of personality or fun being sold all over the world. So we used our skills in design and making and worked with European manufactures to come up with Laetus Design Store. A small online store where we make everything we sell.

We believe in local and ethical products that don't have to look like they are made from tee-leaves and spit and don't have to be boring and brown either.

Quality, not quantity

Our Values

Crappy stuff shouldn't exist. We think that if you work hard and want to buy something, then buy something that is actually worth your money, designed made and packaged with care and love.

We try to make items that follow the following principles, so you can be proud of what you own.

Keep it out of the ground.
Buy Cheap Buy Twice
Sweatshops Suck

Nothing is more frustrating when you own something like a pair of jeans, a phone or a lamp that goes bust.

We choose good solid materials, simple solid manufacturing methods and use screws not glue.

This means our stuff lasts longer than most others and if anything does break, it’s fixable with a screw-driver or two.

“Made in a dictatorship with poor human rights”. We have design and manufacture everything in Europe. Which means everyone gets paid well and materials don’t come from 1000s of miles away with the high carbon footprint.

We know nothing is perfect and some screws and glue won’t necessarily come from near by. But we are always trying to source local.

Single-use plastic sucks. Really sucks.

We’re sick of it.

The thing is, it’s not hard to go plastic-free. All cardboard is made from recycled material, the protective peanuts we use are starch-based and we use paper tape to hold it together.

What’s the down side? Currently it’s a little more expensive for us, but we think it’s 100% worth it.

Putting stuff in the ground and forgetting about it, letting it bleed into the ocean isn’t good enough. We try to make as much of our products and packaging recyclable or compostable where possible.

Own Something Ethical Today

Have a look at something that you can be proud to own and can be re-assured with last without filling more landfill.